Loan Category

Sl.No Loan Sl.No Loan
1 Kishan credit card 6 Loan againt deposit/Nsc/Kvp/LIC
2 Cash credit 7 Consumer durable loan
3 Home loan 8 Micro finance
4 Personal loan 9 SHG/Joint liability group
5 Vehicle loan/Two wheeler/car loan 10 Loan Interest Rate

Kisan Credit Card

To provide timely and adequate credit to farmers to meet their production credit needs (Cultivation expenses) besides meeting contingency expenses and expenses related to ancillary activities through simplified procedure facilitating the borrowers for availing loans as and when they need.


  • Tenure: 5 years,
  • Interest Subvention:3% interest subvention for prompt borrowers up to Rs. 3.00 lakhs
  • Repayment: The repayment period as per the crop period (Short/ Long) and marketing period for the crop.
  • Up to Rs.3.00 lakhs & Above Rs. 3.00 lakhs:7% (interest rate)
  • RuPay cards for all eligible KCC borrowers


  • All farmers-individuals/Joint borrowers who are owner cultivators
  • Tenant farmers, Oral lessees and Share Croppers etc
  • SHGs or Joint Liability Groups of farmers including tenant farmers, share croppers etc .

Primary: Hypothecation of Crop.
Collateral : Mortgage / charge over Agriculture land. (Collateral security is waived for:

  • KCC limit of up to Rs.1.00 lakh.

KCC for Allied activities


  • Type of Facility :Farm Credit – Agriculture
  • Margin :No separate margin need to be insisted as the margin is inbuilt while fixing the Scale of Finance (SoF).
  • Repayment :5 years with Annual renewal.

Loan amount

  • Minimum loan : No ceiling
  • Maximum Loan : Rs.2.00 lakhs in case of new applicants. Rs.3.00 lakhs for KCC crop loan borrowers including working capital for Animal Husbandry & Fishery activity.
  • The scale of finance for Animal Husbandry & Fishery will be fixed by the District Level Technical Committee (DLTC) based on local cost worked out based on per acre/per unit.


  1. Dairy:
    1. o Farmers and Dairy farmers either individual or joint borrower, Joint Liability Groups or Self Help Groups including tenant farmers having owned /rented/leased sheds.
  2. Fisheries:
    1. Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture:
      1. Fishers, Fish Farmers (Individual & Groups/ Partners/ Share croppers/ Tenant farmers), Self Help Groups, Joint Liability Groups and women groups.
      2. The beneficiaries must own or lease any of the fisheries related activities such as pond, tank, open water bodies, raceway, hatchery, rearing unit, possess necessary license for fish farming and fishing related activities, and any other State specific fisheries and allied activities.
    2. Marine Fisheries :
      1. Beneficiaries listed at above who own or lease registered fishing vessel/boat, possess necessary fishing license/permission for fishing in estuary and sea, fish farming/maricultural activities in estuaries and open sea and any other State specific fisheries and allied activities.
    3. Poultry & small ruminants:
      1. Farmers, Poultry farmers either Individual or joint borrower, Joint Liability Groups or Self Help Groups including Tenant farmers of sheep/goats/pigs/poultry/birds/rabbit and having owned/ rented/ leased sheds.
      2. Not to be defaulter in any other bank / financial institutions.

Interest Rate

  • At present, rate of interest up to Rs.3.00 lakhs per farmer will be @7% p.a (fixed) as per Government of India (GoI) directives. It is subject to GoI providing 2% p.a. interest subvention to Bank on such advances.
  • Additional interest subvention of 3 per cent per annum for prompt repayment borrowers as per GoI directive reduces the effective interest rate charged to borrower @ 4 per cent per annum.
  • A borrower will be eligible for Additional interest subvention only if the credit summation for one year from the date of sanction/renewal/ review is more the limit sanctioned.

Interest Subvention

  • For the existing KCC holders (Crop Loan) : Up to the credit limit of Rs.3.00 lakh including Fishery.
  • For the New KCC-Animal Husbandry & Fishery holders: Up to the credit limit of Rs.2.00 lakh to meet working capital requirement.


  • Primary: Hypothecation of combine harvester and accessories.
  • Collateral: Nil up to Rs. 1.0 lakh and above 1.0 lakhs – as per bank norms


  • Duly filled in application form
  • Identity proof- Voter ID card/PAN card/Passport/ Aadhaar card/Driving License etc.
  • Address proof: Voter ID card/Passport/Aadhaar card/Driving license etc.
  • Proof of agricultural land/ cultivation.

Cash Credit Loan


  • Cash-credit loans up
  • Minimum Processing Fee.
  • Cash-credit loan can be renewed after 12 months.
  • Fixed rate of interest.
  • No extra charges.


  • Cash - Credit loans are provided for income generating small business activity in manufacturing, service sector or trading (including Agricultural activities ).


  • Cash-credit loans can be availed by Individuals, society, Proprietary concern, partnership Firm, Private Ltd. Company, Public Company and any other legal firms.
  • Minimum Age: 21 years
  • Maximum Age: 60 years.


Loan Application: Loan application form duly filled in affixed with 2 passport size photographs.

  • Proof of Identity (Any one): PAN/Passport/Driving License/Voter ID Card.
  • Proof of Residence/Address (Any one): Recent copy of Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/Passport/ Voters ID card/ Aadhar Card.
  • Proof of Income: Latest Salary slip with Form 16.

Home loan


  • Minimum Interest Rates
  • Minimum Processing Fee
  • No extra Charges
  • No Pre-Payment / Pre-closure / Part payment Charges


List of papers/ documents applicable to all applicants:

  • Employer Identity Card
  • Loan Application: Completed loan application form duly filled in affixed with 3 Passport size photographs
  • Proof of Identity (Any one): PAN/ Passport/ Driver’s License/ Voter ID card
  • Proof of Residence/ Address (Any one): Recent copy of Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/Water Bill/ Piped Gas Bill or copy of Passport/ Driving License/ Aadhar Card

Property Papers

  • Permission for construction (where applicable)
  • Registered Agreement for Sale /Allotment Letter/Stamped Agreement for Sale
  • Occupancy Certificate (in case of ready to move property)
  • Share Certificate (only for Maharashtra), Maintenance Bill, Electricity Bill, Property Tax Receipt
  • Approved Plan copy (Xerox Blueprint) & Registered Development Agreement of the builder, Conveyance Deed (For New Property)
  • Payment Receipts or bank A/C statement showing all the payments made to Builder/Seller

Account Statement

  • Last 6 months Bank Account Statements for all Bank Accounts held by the applicants
  • If any previous loan from other Banks/Lenders, then Loan A/C statement for last 1 year

Income Proof for Salaried Applicant/ Co-applicant/ Guarantor

  • Salary Slip or Salary Certificate of last 3 months
  • Copy of Form 16 for last 2 years or copy of IT Returns for last 2 financial years, acknowledged by IT Dept.

Income Proof for Non-Salaried Applicant/ Co-applicant/ Guarantor:

  • Business address proof
  • IT returns for last 3 years
  • Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss A/c for last 3 years
  • Business License Details(or equivalent)
  • TDS Certificate (Form 16A, if applicable)
  • Certificate of qualification (for C.A./ Doctor and other professionals)

Personal Loan


  • Customers : Salaried, non-Salaried as well as Pensioners
  • Loan facility :Term Loan
  • Disbursement: Credit to Salary, Pension, Current, Savings account of the customer.
  • Pre-payment Penalty :NIL
  • Foreclosure Charges :NIL
  • Minimum interest rates.
  • Minimum documentation.
  • No extra costs.

Loan Amount

  • Minimum: Rs. 25,000 & Maximum: Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • The loan will be over and above the existing loans, if any

Repayment Mode

  • Standing Instruction (SI) on the Salary/ Pension/ SB/CA account
1 Purpose of loan The requirements of meeting personal expenses.
2 Competency
  • All confirmed employees Central / State Govt. / PSUs / Public or Private Ltd Companies / Reputed Corporates */ MNCs drawing salary from our Bank.
  • Salaried customers, not having salary account with our Bank, are to be considered for Personal loan subject to Employer undertaking for deduction of loan installment from salary.
  • Self–employed professionals (Only Doctors (MBBS, MD, MS), CAs, Architects having own business) can also be given personal loan in case they are banking with us (with Credit facility) for the last one year.
3 Repayment Period 60 month
4 Deduction EMI Based
5 Guarantor One Guarantor acceptable to the Bank


Proof of Identity (Any one): PAN/Passport/Driving License/Voter ID Card.

  • Proof of Residence/Address (Any one): Recent copy of Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/Passport/Voters ID card/ Aadhar Card.
  • Proof of Income: Latest 6 months’ salary slip or latest Form 16 (in the case of income tax payers).

Vehicle Loan

Car loan:


  • Minimum Interest Rates
  • Financing on ‘On-Road price'
  • For purchase of new passenger cars, SUVs.
  • No Advance EMI


You would need to submit the following documents along with the completed application form.

Salaried/ Non-Salaried/ Professional/Businessmen/ person engaged in agricultural and allied activities.

  • Statement of bank account for last 6 months.
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Proof of Identity
  • Address Proof
  • Income Proof: Latest Salary Slip, Form 16
  • I.T. Returns or Form 16 for the last 2 years.
  • Proof of Identity : - (Copy of any one) Passport/ PAN Card/ Voters ID card/ Driving License etc. Address Proof :- (Copy of any one) Ration card/Driving License/Voters ID card/Passport /Telephone Bill/ Electricity bill/Life Insurance policy

Extra document for Non-Salaried/ Professional/Businessmen:- Audited Balance sheet, P&L statement for 2 years, Shop & establishment act certificate / sales tax certificate / SSI registered certificate / copy of partnership

Extra document for person engaged in agricultural and allied activities:- Direct agricultural activity (crop cultivation):
Khasra/ChittaAdangal (showing cropping pattern) Patta/Khatoni (showing land holding) with photograph. All land should be on free hold basis and ownership proof to be in the name of borrower. Allied agricultural activity (like Dairy, Poultry, Plantation/ Horticulture) Documentary proof of running of the activities to be provided.

  • Proof of Identity : - (Copy of any one) Passport/ PAN Card/ Voters ID card/ Driving License etc.
    Address Proof :- (Copy of any one) Ration card/Driving License/Voters ID card/Passport /Telephone Bill/ Electricity bill/Life Insurance policy.

Two-Wheeler Loan

  • TWO-WHEELER LOAN (Scooter, Motorcycle, Moped, Battery operated two-wheelers)


Existing Bank customers under the following categories:

  • Permanent employees of State, Central Govt, PSUs, Corporations, and Listed Pvt. Sector companies maintaining salary accounts.
  • Professionals, self-employed & other IT assesses maintaining SB/CA/Time Deposit
  • Persons engaged in Agriculture with SB/CA/Time Deposit


The following papers are to be submitted along with loan application:

  • Statement of Bank account of the borrower for last 6 months.
  • 2 Passport size photographs of borrower
  • A copy of passport /voters ID card/PAN card.
  • Proof of residence, telephone bill, electricity bill or any other document that comply with the regulatory and/or KYC requirements.
  • Latest salary-slip showing all deductions and TDS Certificate-Form 16 in case of salaried persons.
  • Copy of Income Tax Return for last two financial years, duly acknowledged by ITO for professionals, self-employed and others. IT Return is not mandatory in case of agriculturists.
  • Proof of official address for non-salaried individuals.

Loan Against Deposit/NSC/KVP


  • Avail Loan up to 80 % of the value of your Time Deposit
  • No processing charges;
  • No prepayment penalties.
  • Min amount of Loan : Rs. 5000
  • Max amount of loan as per deposit
  • Margin : Avail loan up to 80% of your Time Deposit value
  • Security Lien on underlying Time Deposit
  • Medium:-Branches
  • Interest Rate:2 % above the relative time deposit rate


  • Customers (Single/ Joint Account Holder) holding Banks's TDR/STDR / RD Deposits can avail this loan.
  • Loan against deposit can be availed by an individual, institution, firm, company or trust.

Consumer Loan Scheme

For purchase of consumer durables including computers/Laptops, Electronic Gadgets etc.


Existing Housing Loan Borrowers /Corporate Salary Account holders (Minimum 2 years in employment with 1 year in the current organization) having minimum standing of 1 year relationship with Bank.
Age Limit:- Minimum : 21 Years
Maximum: 60 Years

Loan Amount:
Minimum : Rs.50,000/-
Maximum loan amount: Rs.1.50 lakh,
Minimum 25% of the cost of the Consumer goods
For Computers/Laptops/Electronic Gadgets : Minimum 40%

Micro Finance

  • Loan amount: Rs. 25000 to 100000
  • Tenure : 12 months
  • Collateral: Unsecured loans
  • Charges: Processing fee of 1% on amount
  • Purpose of loan: Income generating activities
  • Eligibility: Rural and semi urban people


  • Loan amount: Rs 25000 to 100000
  • Tenure : 12 months
  • Collateral: Unsecured loans
  • Charges: Processing fee of 1% on amount
  • Purpose of loan: Income generating activities
  • Eligibility: Rural and semi urban women Joint Liability Groups Other criteria applicable as laid down by RBI for Microfinance from time to time.

Loan Interest Rate

Rate of Interest of Loan
Sl.No. Type of Loan Interest Rates For Customers (Compound Interest) Interest Rates For Staff (Compound Interest) Loan Processing Charge
1 PERSONAL LOAN 12% 8% 1%
3 FOUR VEHICLE LOAN 11% 8.5% 0.50%
4 TWO VEHICLE LOAN 11% 8.5% 0.50%
5 HOME LOAN 8.5% 7.5% 0.50%
6 EDUCATION LOAN 12% 8% 0.50%
7 CASH CREDI TLOAN 12.5% - 0.50%
11 Loan Against Security 2% Higher Than Interest Paid On Security Amount.